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How To View Your Accounts

Dear Client,
There are two ways to view your accounts.  The first way is through VISION2020 One-View which allows you to view a consolidation of your accounts from brokerage and most non-brokerage accounts in one place.  The information for accessing One-View is listed below.
If you have an SagePoint Brokerage account regardless of type, you may also access your brokerage account balances, holdings, history, statements, tax documents, and confirms through the new SagePoint Financial Brokerage Client Website .  Follow the instructions below to register.
VISION2020 One-View allows you to access your accounts online (Note: Certain accounts are not available in Oneview.  Give me a call if you have questions). There is a very simple procedure to set this up.
Step 1. Click on the VISION2020 One-View link or go to featured links and click on it.
Step 2. This should take you to a screen, which asks for your social security number and a “Client Temp Password”, your temporary password is AFA34F. Once you’ve done this click on next.
Step 3. The User Agreement will show up on the screen. After reading over this, if you click on “accept” you will be allowed to proceed.
Step 4. One-View will next ask you to fill out some additional information that will update your client profile. 
Step 5. Finally after you have completed this, a registration confirmation will appear. 
Step 6. E-mail Me at subject: v2020 Setup and message: Please activate my account and your name. This will key me to activate your account.
To  access the SagePoint Financial Brokerage Client Website, click on the link or go to featured links and click on the link there.  To register, enter your account number (for multiple accounts choose a primary account to log in with) and the temporarry password the letters "AI" followed by the date of birth on the account. The format is AIMMDDYY.   You will be asked to change your password imediately upon registration.  If you wish to link multiple accounts under the same login, call my office (706) 613-2474 or e-mail me with the account numbers you wish to link and the primary account number you logged in with.  PLEASE NOTE, THIS IS FOR BROKERAGE ACCOUNTS ONLY.  DIRECT MUTUAL FUND, LIFE INSURANCE, AND ANNUITY ACCOUNTS WILL NOT SHOW UP HERE.  LOG IN TO ONVIEW TO SEE THESE ACCOUNTS.
If you have any questions about this procedure please feel free to contact us at 706-613-2474
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck
Check the background of this financial professional on FINRA's BrokerCheck